Agreement to conditions
  1. Participants and their respective companies are required to abide by all rules and regulations of the award programme.
  2. HKRMA reserves the final decision to the award benefits, award structure, award categories, eligibility, judging criteria, judging procedures, promotions, award results, as well as other award details and arrangements.
Participating company
  1. A company with several different brands should participate by their respective brand. HKRMA may re-arrange the company's participating unit as it deems necessary. HKRMA reserves the right of final decision.
  1. Entries should be nominated in the most appropriate category. However, the Association reserves the right to add/delete/change the category if necessary.
  2. Each category should consist of brands from at least 2 companies and a minimum of 6 participants. In case there is only 2 brands in the category, each brand should carry more than 2 participants in order to enhance the quality of the competition.
  3. Participating companies being affected due to insufficient participation to a particular category will be informed of any changes after the enrollment deadline.
  4. The HKRMA may change the category of the participating companies. Affected companies will be informed of the changes in due course.
  5. The categories could be revised, added or deleted by the HKRMA upon finalizing the actual number of participants and companies.
  6. Retail (Services) Category covers financial institutions, public utilities, travel agencies, entertainment, theme park, wedding merchants or others.
  7. Specialty Stores Category covers wine, musical instruments, pet supplies or others.
  8. If a company can distinguish the retail frontline staff into two types: (a) holding professional qualifications, such as optometrist, pharmacist, nutritionist or dispenser; and (b) without holding professional qualifications, then type (a) will be grouped under "Professional Category" while type (b) will be grouped under another category according to the company's business nature.
  1. Past Gold winners of the Junior Frontline Level can only be nominated to Supervisory Level while past Gold winners of Supervisory Level and special categories cannot be re-nominated.
  2. HKRMA will assess the eligibility of participating companies according to their business nature, brands and selling methods.
Judging Procedure
  1. Award hanging badges will be given to all participants after the enrollment deadline. Participants must wear their uniforms, name badges and award hanging badges throughout all phrases of the Award.
  2. Participants' duty rosters should be submitted by email ( before 13 June 2019. If participant fails to submit a correct duty roster before the deadline, zero score will be given in the mystery shopper assessment.
  3. If a participating company changes the duty roster after the submission deadline, it should inform the HKRMA in writing, pay an administrative fee of HK$500 each time and submit the cheque 5 working days in advance.
  4. If the mystery shopper cannot locate the participant during the visit, the maximum waiting time will be 10 minutes. The mystery shopper will assess all other staff within the store for that particular visit without any notice.
  5. If the mystery shopper can’t assess the participant for both visits, the participant will be disqualified. If the mystery shopper can only reach the participant once, the HKRMA will take the average of both visits as his score, which should not be higher than that of his direct assessment.
  6. If transaction is required during the visit (e.g. fastfood shops, restaurants), the participating company should provide the Association with cash allowance(s). The amount depends on the product price and the number of visits. The Association will discuss the details with individual participating company upon receipt of the enrollment form.
  7. Result for Phase 1 assessments will be notified to individual participating companies while the result for Phase 2 will be announced at Winners Announcement Ceremony/ Annual Dinner.
Cancellation / Withdrawal
  1. Once the enrollment is submitted (via e-mail or online enrollment system), cancellations will not be accepted. Participation fee will not be refunded.
  2. If participants withdraw from the competition for whatever reasons, the participating company should inform the HKRMA in writing. Participation certificate will not be issued to respective participants.
  3. If participants withdraw on or before 31 July 2019, integrated assessment report will not be issued.
  4. Once the result of each phase is announced, the participating company is required to settle all the participation and promotion fee of the respective phase for their shortlisted participants, even if the participants withdraw from the competition.
  1. False reporting of any information relating to a participant of a company will result in the disqualification of ALL participants of the same participating company. Participation fee will not be refunded.
Marketing and Promotion of the Award
  1. The HKRMA will use information provided by the participating companies for publicity, marketing and promotional purposes relating to the Award.
  2. If winner does not participate in any promotion activity for whatever reasons, the participating company is required to settle the promotion fee.
Typhoon and Black Rainstorm Arrangement
  1. If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted on or after 7:00 am on the day of Final Group Interview, all interviews will be cancelled.
  2. If Black Rainstorm Warning is in force on the days of Final Group Interview, all interviews will be conducted on schedule.
  3. If the Final Group Interview is cancelled due to weather or other reasons, HKRMA will notify the participating companies of the alternative arrangement and assessment method. The Association is not required to disclose the reasons for thereof.
Overseas Study Tour
  1. The overseas study tour is part of the benefits given to the Award winners. The participation is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  1. Information provided by applicants in their submissions is treated as strictly confidential and will not be released without permission.