Every brands could nominate any of their customer services campaigns to participate. The campaign(s) shall be launched within 12 months before the enrollment deadline
Judging Method
Phase 1: Customer Service Proposal Assessment
  • Participating brands shall submit a Customer Service Proposal with no more than 10 powerpoint slides on or before 31 July 2019.
  • Content of the Proposal shall include:
    1. Objective
      • Briefly describe the missions & visions on customer services of your participating brands
    2. About Your Programme
      • Briefly explain the rationale behind for the company to establish the programme, the strategy implemented and the support given by your team
    3. Result / Effectiveness
      • Clearly show how the programme contributes to support a sustainable enhancement in customer service and how the programme achieves the planned objectives.
        (Clear implementation period with supporting figures such as customers' satisfaction rate, Key Performance Indicators etc.)
  • Selected brands will be invited to attend Phase 2: Preliminary Presentation
Phase 2: Preliminary Presentation
  • Shortlisted companies will be invited to Phase 2: Preliminary Presentation on September and have no more than two representatives to present their customer service proposals for 10 minutes. Questions regarding to their proposals will be asked afterwards.
  • No more than 10 brands will be selected and invited to attend Phase 3: Open Presentation.
Phase 3: Open Presentation
  • Each shortlisted brand shall have no more than two representatives to attend an open presentation on End of October, sharing their proposals with the public in 10 minutes and answering questions from our judging panel for another 10 minutes.
  • The 3 brands with the highest scores will be selected as the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners, while the other 7 will be awarded the 'Certificate of Merits'.
Judging Criteria
  • Innovation (25%)
    Uniqueness and innovative elements during the implementation
  • Interaction with Customers (25%)
    Customer needs fulfillment of the service idea and the interaction between them
  • Team Cooperation (25%)
    The co-operation between different teams and departments, as well as the support from management during the implementation
  • Effectiveness (25%)
    Assessment method and supporting figures such as customers' satisfaction rate, Key Performance Indicators etc.
Judges' Special Recognition
'Judges' Special Recognition' would be selected among non-shortlisted campaigns