The 2018 Service & Courtesy Award consists of the following types of awards:

Individual Award
Product Category Award
Gold, Silver, Bronze and Outstanding Performance Award

Top 20% of the participants of each category of both levels will be selected

Example 1:
If there are 20 participants in the Junior Level of Convenience Store category, 4 participants would be selected as winners (1 Gold Award, 1 Silver Award, 1 Bronze Award and 1 Outstanding Performance Award winner).
Example 2:
If there are 8 supervisors participating in the Footwear category, on pro-rata basis, only Gold Award & Silver Award will be presented.
Special Category Award
Social Enterprises Category

Gold, Silver and Bronze Award

New Participating Brands Category - Junior Frontline Level and Supervisory Level

Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners will be selected in each level.

Excellent Service Star

Participants who get full score at Mystery Shopper Assessment will be awarded.

Team Award
The Best Team Performance Award

Gold, Silver and Bronze Award

The Potential Brand Award (Only applicable to new participating brands & participants)

Gold, Silver and Bronze Award

Company Award
Retail Excellence Award

Gold, Silver Bronze Award, Merits and Judges' Special Recognition

Top 10 Outstanding Services Retail Brands

10 brands will be selected through public voting