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Individual Award (per person) Retail Excellence Award
(per campaign)
Members Non-members Members Non-members
Enrollment Fee
(Before 14 June)
Product Category
New Participating Brands
Product Category
New Participating Brands
HK$2,800 HK$3,800
Phase 2
(Before 19 September)
Product Category
New Participating Brands
Product Category
New Participating Brands
HK$7,800 HK$8,800
Phase 3 -- FREE
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Winner Promotion Fee
Product Category/
New Participating Brands/
Social Enterprises
The Best Team Performance Award/
The Potential Brand Award
Retail Excellence Award Top 10 Outstanding Services Retail Brands
HK$4,800/Person HK$10,000/Team
Gold, Silver & Bronze Award
Certificate of Merits
  1. Only shortlisted/ winning participants need to pay phase 2 and fees onwards.
  2. Companies should settle the payment before the start of each phase.
Special Offers
Bulk Offer
Brands nominating 4 or more participants could enjoy a discounted enrolment fee of HK$900/pax (Members) / HK$1,200/pax (Non-members) whereas brands nominating 8 or more participants could enjoy a discounted fee of HK$800/pax (Members) / HK$1,000/pax (Non-members)
Same Time Offer
Brands joining both Individual Award and Retail Excellence Award can enjoy a special enrolment fee at HK$2,300 (Members) / HK$3,300 (Non-members) for the Retail Excellence Award.
SME Offer
SMEs could get the enrolment fee waiver for a maximum of 4 individual participants and the Retail Excellence Award.
Social Enterprises' Offer
Enrollment fee and phase 2 fee are waived for nominees of Social Enterprises Category.