The Service & Courtesy Award was introduced in 1986 and has been one of the most actively supported events by members of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association and the trade. Highly respected as the Oscar of the retail trade in Hong Kong, the Award has been successful, over the years, in promoting the awareness of service within the retail industry. It has become a well-recognized annual activity that retail practitioners anticipate with keenness and excitement. Winners and their companies receive very extensive industry recognition and media coverage.

More than an Award...
Cultivate Talents with the Companies
Strengthen their overall customer service standard and self-confidence
Borden their horizons and receive affirmation from their companies and the whole retail industry
Build Quality Service Image within the trade
Encourage service mindset across teams and help promulgate customer services best practices
Share insights with other renowned companies to enhance their service & brand image
Invigorate Vitality to the Retail Industry
Nurture retail talents to become role models and promote service excellence
Promote the retail industry and increase the competitiveness of Hong Kong's retail industry