Background and Objectives

Appointment of 'Retail Ambassadors' is one of the key initiatives for Service & Courtesy Award in 2018.

The objectives of ambassador appointment are as follows:

a. Staff Level
  1. Motivate retail frontline staff to keep up with quality customer services
  2. Broaden their horizons by providing opportunities for them to interact with other service elites
b. Company Level
  1. Provide cross-company/category training elements to corporates
  2. Promote retail brands to consumers and job seekers
c. Industry Level
  1. Elevate retail image by identifying a sizable pool (2-3 hundreds) of frontline service role models
  2. Attract new bloods to the industry by improving younger generation’s understanding of the retail industry through ambassador sharing
a. Individual Level
  1. 'Retail Ambassadors' would be officially appointed at the Winners Announcement and Retail Ambassadors Appointment Ceremony and presented with special pins.
  2. The names, photos and company logos of ‘Retail Ambassadors’ would be uploaded to the HKRMA website and circulated via print and social media platforms.
b. Company Level
  1. Companies with 'Retail Ambassadors' would be given some decals to show Ambassadors’ presence to consumers.