Phase 1: Mystery Shopper Assessment
  1. A total of 2 mystery shoppers visits will be conducted during July 2018. The scores will be used to shortlist participants to Phase 2: Final Group Interview.
  2. If the mystery shopper cannot locate the participant during the visit, the maximum waiting time will be 10 minutes. The mystery shopper will assess all other staff within the store for that particular visit without any notice.
  3. Mystery shopper will identify the participant according to the award hanging badge, name badge and the photo provided by the participating company. If the participant does not wear the award hanging badge, the mystery shopper may assess all other retail staff in the store for that particular visit without prior notice.
  4. If transaction is required during the visit (e.g. fastfood shops, restaurants), the participating company should provide the Association with cash allowance(s). The amount depends on the product price and the number of visits. The Association will discuss the details with individual participating company upon receipt of the enrollment form.
Phase 2: Final Group Interview
  1. Shortlisted participants will be invited to attend group interview with the judging panel.
  2. Shortlisted participants of the Supervisory Level will attend the interview on 20 September 2018, whereas those of Junior Frontline Level, Social Enterprises Category and Earn & Learn Student Category will have their interviews on 21 September 2018.
  3. The interview will focus on cases studies, service concepts and questions-and-answers.
  4. Scores from Mystery Shoppers Assessment contributes 50% of the total weighting in the Final Group Interview.